A Few Things About Gold

The method of mining most commonly used in the Dawson city gold fields is called placer mining.

Placer mining: mining the precious metal deposits (particularly gold) found in alluvial deposits—deposits of sand and gravel in ancient stream beds.

One large deposit in the Dawson Area is called the “White Channel”
Named for the colour of the gravel
The gold is recovered from the pay gravels using a screening-sluicing plant, which washes the gravel with water.

Gold Conversions

Gold is measured in Troy ounces.

1 Troy Ounce = 31.1035 grams
480 grains
20 pennyweights

32.15 Troy ounces = 1 kilograms = 1000 grams

Karats and purity

24 Karats = 99.999%fine gold
22 Karats = 91.60% fine gold
18 Karats = 75.00% fine gold
14 Karats = 58.30% fine gold
12 Karats = 50.00% fine gold
10 Karats = 41.60% fine gold
9 Karats = 37.53% fine gold